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Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator ensures your engine gets the right quantity fuel, mixed well with the air for that extra power off every drop the fuel you spend.
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator manufactured from high strength aluminium supports high pressure fuel flow requirements for engines with power 1000 horsepower and more. Aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator is something performance enthusiasts seek.
  • Fitted directly over the fuel rail, adjustable fuel pressure regulator adjusts the amount and force of fuel flow. The pressure can be adjusted according to the horsepower capacity of the engine. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator also looks nice and gives your vehicle a sporty look.
  • It is also hard to actually tune the modern engines. The engines come with a fuel pressure regulator by default, which you can replace with an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator, which give you better control over fuel mix and pressure. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator comes in all different variety, each having its own features, advantages and difficulties.
  • Replacing the existing fuel pressure regulator is the best option. Modifying the fuel line can cause some problems like fuel leak. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator is the same as original regulator, except the fuel flow can be adjusted with simple screw action.
  • Be confident of playing with the electronically controlled pressure regulator that comes as a default with new cars. The adjustable fuel pressure regulator does give you better control over the fuel pressure and mix. When it comes to giving an extra bit of horsepower to your vehicle, adjustable fuel pressure regulator can be the right thing.
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    • ADD fuel pressure liquid filled gauge

      ADD fuel pressure liquid filled gauge


      ADD Universal compact sized fuel pressure Gauge. Proper fuel pressure is critical for adjusting your carburetor or fuel injection, so don't rely on a poor quality gauge, Get this direct mount fuel pressure gauge.Liquid FILLED keeps the needle steady, which is extremely critical during engine operation.

      The BANJO BOLT Adapter is For the List Below
      ALL Honda '88-'00 ALL 90-'00 Acura
      ALL '89-'00 Mitsubishi Eclipse
      ALL '89-'00 Eagle Talon
      ALL '89-'00 Plymouth Laser

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    • ADD fuel pressure regulator

      ADD fuel pressure regulator


      The ADD Billet Aluminum Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator provides you with the ability to adjust fuel pressure for maximum efficiency and horsepower gains. Factory regulators are not adjustable and wear out over time due to weakening internal spring tension which reduces power and mileage. Stock vehicles with high mileage can restore lost power by simply replacing the regulator and performance built motors benefit from the ability to precisely meter fuel delivery. The Regulator is a direct replacement and features. adjuster to prevent stripping unlike other designs. Precision machined out of billet aluminum

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